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Martin Kahanovitz

Martin Kahanovitz: GROUP CFO

Martin is highly qualified and experienced and he is the financial director of the Group. He has been responsible for building the administration and financial infrastructure to cater for the rapid development of the Litha Group.

This market has been identified as a key strategic growth area for the Litha Group and is currently the fastest growing area of business. Litha Pharma has numerous licence agreements, co-marketing and joint ventures with international healthcare companies. Access and ownership to product pipelines is an intrinsic part of its long term strategy and has many exciting new products in various stages of registration at the Medicines Control Council.

Litha Healthcare Group acquired Pharmaplan as part of a transaction with Paladin Labs of Canada in July 2012. This latest acquisition merged with the Litha Pharma division to form a much larger pharmaceutical division. This has given this division the scale it needs to position itself for growth within this sector. Through the new business development team which is supported by our major shareholder and partner Paladin Labs, there are numerous projects under evaluation with strong and exciting growth opportunities.

Litha Pharma’s immediate business focus is to develop greater market presence in all its distribution channels, in 16 therapeutic categories as well as to expand access to prescribing healthcare professionals in both the public and private sector.

To this end, the division has gone through a re-organisation process in order to focus its efforts on prescribing practitioners, including specialists and GP’s, commercial areas including pharmacies and fast moving consumer goods (fmcg), dispensing doctors, mines and the public tender sector. The internal structure has been expanded to include more skilled key account specialists as well as a business development team.

Litha Pharma has a resource compliment of experienced sales and marketing people who have a strong relationship with the private and public hospital sector.

Key therapeutic areas of focus include:

Oncology                                  Gastroenterology

Neurology                                 Urology

Dermatology                             Psychiatry

Nephrology                               Cardiology                               

Gynaecology                            Ophthalmology

Allergology                               ENT                                         

Pain Management                      Anaesthesiology                      

Litha Pharma has a growing range of complementary medicines which includes brands like Formule Naturelle, Marcus Rohrer Spirulina, Smecta and various skin care ranges.

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Litha Pharma is a member of the Health Products Association of Southern Africa (HPASA) and Pharmisa