Litha Healthcare Group’s Social and Ethics Committee acts as the social conscience of the business.

This committee is represented by at least 3 directors, one being a non-executive director and Chairman of the committee.

In order for the Litha Group to maintain an ethical culture and ensure continuity across all the committees of Litha, a Social and Ethics mandate has been created to outline the purpose of this committee.

This committee will:

1. Monitor the company’s activities with regard to the five areas of social responsibility through any relevant legislation, legal requirements, codes and best practices:

  • Social and economic development
  • Good corporate citizenship
  • Impact on communities – environment, health and safety
  • Consumer relationships – advertising, PR, health regulations and consumer protection laws
  • Labour and employment

Furthermore, this committee will monitor ethics through criteria as set out by the relevant legislation and codes of practice i.e. King III Practice Notes on Ethics, SACEI Index, JSE SRI (ethics criteria) etc.

2. Draw matters within its mandate to the attention of the Board as required

3. Report to shareholders on matters within its mandate

There will be cross membership across Litha’s other committees where Social and Ethics matters will be included as a permanent item on their agenda. The Chairperson of each sub-committee will act as ad hoc invitees to the S&E committee where relevant matters need to be addressed.  These committee’s will be required to monitor and report on ethics matters in terms of the relevant legislation and codes applicable to their committee focus.

These committee’s are:

  • Transformation Committee
  • Retirement Committee
  • Renumeration Committee
  • Risk and Audit Committee
  • Stakeholder Committee
  • Corporate Finance/Acquisitions Committee
  • Quality and Regulatory Committee
  • Legislative Committee
  • Health and Safety Committee

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Mandate and Terms of Reference


References to “the Committee” shall mean the Company’s social and ethics committee.

References to “the Board” shall mean the Company’s board of directors.

References to “Litha” or “the Company” shall mean Litha Healthcare Group Limited

References to the “Litha group” shall mean Litha Healthcare Group Limited and its subsidiary companies as contemplated in Section 3 of the Companies Act of 2008, as amended.


Code of Ethics

Litha Code of Ethics

EthicsSA certificate

EthicsSA certificate

Ethics Hotline

Ethics Hotline